Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Join the Guild!

We've set up a new G+ community: Pulp Mill Press Writer's Guild.  This is the place for our contributors to get to know us and get to know one another, and to come together as writers of pulp fiction.  One of the aims in establishing a community of pulp fiction authors, in addition to creating a forum for socializing and making announcements, is to give you a pool of like-minded writers to bounce ideas off of and to give and receive critiques of your stories before you submit them.

Peer critiques are a very important part of the writing process but we don't all have the luxury of belonging to a local face-to-face writing group.  There are online writers groups, such as Writing Forums but such groups are pretty generic and it's tough to get a useful critique of a weird fiction story from a bunch of largely literary fiction writers.  The advantage of our community is that every member understands pulp-style genre fiction and are the best people to offer advice to hone your story to perfection.

So if you plan to submit a story to any of our upcoming anthologies follow the link above and join our growing family of writers!